Orbex Sponsors Z Market Seminars in Al-Ain and Abu Dhabi

As part of our commitment to providing quality trading education for everyone, we are pleased to announce that Orbex has recently powered two seminars conducted by Z Market. The seminar tour titled “The most effective indicators, strategies and analytical tools for online trading” took place between January 20 to 22, 2023, in Al-Ain and Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

Designed to help beginner and experienced traders take their strategy to the next level, both trading seminars were conducted in Arabic and received a great turnout. Led by renowned trading coach and professional trader Issa Al-Adwani, the live educational events enabled participants to delve deeper into the world of online trading, learn the basics of risk and money management, and discover the most effective indicators and trading strategies to use in order to determine what, how, and when to trade. The educational events took place at the Danat Al Ain Hotel and Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort and were fully sponsored by Orbex.  

Al-Adwani, who specializes in trading US indices, also gave his exclusive insights on the global financial markets coupled with his personal projections on what will be the biggest upcoming market opportunities for 2023 in forex, stock, index, and commodity markets. He was joined by Orbex’s Research team who shared their expert market insights and trading strategies live with seminar attendees. 

At Orbex, we believe that all traders should be given access to the best possible trading education, tools, and conditions so that they are better equipped to make informed decisions. To this end, we commit to continue to support local and international trading seminars and events in multiple languages. To view and register for one of our upcoming seminars, please click here. To join one of our live trading webinars online, click here.