Markets Overview

Invest in the world’s largest online markets and trade currencies, commodities, indices, cryprocurrencies and stock CFDs with ultra-fast execution and tight spreads starting from 0.0 pips. 400+ trading instruments Ultra-fast execution Negative balance protection
Trading involves a high level of risk
Markets Overview


The foreign exchange (or FX) market is the world’s largest and most traded online financial market.

It involves trading the value of one currency against the value of another.

Spreads from 0

Up to 1:500 leverage

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Commodities are raw materials that can be bought or sold as physical assets.

Like currencies, commodities such as energies and metals are widely available to trade on the financial markets via Contracts for Difference.

Flexible leverage

Competitive spreads

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Encrypted, digital, and decentralized, cryptocurrency is digital money that is based on blockchain technology.

Unlike the euro or the USD, cryptocurrencies are not regulated or managed by any central authority. Instead, this task is spread out among each coin’s peer-to-peer network.

Leverage 1:2

Commission 0.5%

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Stock trading involves the buying and selling of shares in a particular asset or company. A stock trader will purchase shares, own them and then sell them, depending on the market value of the stock.

Commission from $0

200+ Stock CFDs

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An index is a way of standardizing and tracking the performance of a collection of assets or securities.

Indices are also used as a benchmark to assess the general performance of other economic data, like inflation or interest rates.

Leverage 1:100

10 popular world biggest indices & futures

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