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Elevate your investment ventures with a professional trader’s skillset.

Trading involves a high level of risk

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Open a PAMM Investment Account and take your financial portfolio to the next level with a pro trader by your side.

PAMM Investment Accounts are your chance to access the financial markets using the pro trading strategy of a PAMM Manager of your choosing.

Sign up today to discover the benefits of PAMM trading and reap the rewards of investing with the pros, without pouring in hours of research and education.

How to Get Started

To begin your investment journey in the
Forex markets, follow these simple steps

Sign up

Sign up

Create an account in minutes & upload your documents.

Fund your account

Fund your account

Make instant deposits to your Orbex Wallet via debit card, wire transfer or your preferred online payment method.



Download your favorite trading platform on your device of choice & begin trading.

Trading involves a high level of risk

Why Investors Choose Orbex PAMM Accounts

No Experience Required

Access the financial markets using a pro Manager’s skillset and trading strategy - no prior knowledge or experience needed!

Choose Your Manager

Trade with one or more Managers whose offers meet your criteria, and whose performance statistics live up to your expectations.

Top-of-the-Line Professionals

Trade with the best of the best; we put our professional Managers through strict qualification protocols before we approve them into the service.

Segregated Funds

Invest with the confidence of knowing that your money is kept completely segregated from everyone else’s. Managers cannot access or withdraw your funds at any point.

Create Your Own Counteroffers

Make your own counteroffer to a Manager if their trading conditions don’t suit you.

Real Time Stats

Receive accurate and transparent daily reporting with performance stats, profit/loss results, and more.

How to Become a PAMM Investor

To become a PAMM Investor, follow these simple steps

  • Open a PAMM Investment account
  • Make a deposit into your Orbex Wallet
  • Choose a PAMM Manager with whom you would like to invest
  • Withdraw Earnings

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