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Trading involves a high level of risk
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About the Commodities Market

Commodities are raw materials that can be bought or sold as physical assets.

Like currencies, commodities such as energies and metals are widely available to trade on the financial markets via Contracts for Difference.

Commodities are some of the most liquid assets you can trade and offer unique portfolio diversification opportunities.

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Precious Metals Trading

Due to their safe haven status, many traders choose to incorporate precious metals trading into their investments as a way to weather various market conditions, including volatile, rising and falling markets.

Trade a selection of spot metals and unlock great hedging opportunities for your financial portfolio.

Trading involves a high level of risk

Search Instrument

SymbolContract SizeMax Lot Per TradeMin lot Per TradeMarginStop LevelMinimum Fluctuation3 Days SwapsTrading Schedule
XAUUSD100 oz200.01100.00%200.01 = 1 USDWednesday01:02 – 23:57
XAGUSD5000 oz100.011%100.0001 = 0.5 USDWednesday01:02 – 23:57
XPDUSD100 oz200.012%100.01 = 1 USDWednesday01:02 – 23:57
XPTUSD100 oz200.012%200.01 = 1 USDWednesday01:02 – 23:57

Stop/Limit Order levels may vary during news or unusual market conditions without prior notice.

Swap rates can change any time without prior notice.

Why Traders Choose Orbex

Why Traders Choose Orbex

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Trading involves a high level of risk

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Trading involves a high level of risk