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Dow managed to head toward target 25980 while managed to break above where market facing now Intraday resistance at 26080 Market may have chance for […]

Dow managed to maintain it’s uptrend wave as we discussed last week. It managed to close and hit it’s target of 25980 as we see […]

Dow managed to sustain uptrend wave as we advised before where managed to met target 25500 and 25680 today Short-Run and Intraday levels showing support […]

ডাউজোন ডাউ ২৫০০০ সাপোর্টের উপরে হোল্ড করে আছে যা কিনা ২৫৫০০ এর দিকে টার্গেট করে আছে। দিনের মধ্যবর্তী সময়ে মার্কেট ২৫২৩৫ সাপোর্টের দিকে অবস্থান করে […]

Dow still holding upytend wave above support 25000 where target still toward 25500 as we advised early this week Intraday levels showing support at 25235 […]

ডাউ   ডাউ ২৫১৭০ এর দিকে হিট করেছে যেখানে মার্কেট এডভান্স হয়ে ২য় টার্গেট ২৫৫০০ এর থেকে ক্লোজ হচ্ছে। মার্কেট ২৫২০০-৪০ ১ম সাপোর্টের দিকে ফেস […]

Dow managed to hit target 25170 while market sustain advance and closing from second target 25500 as we advised last week and as we see over […]

Dow is closing from target 25170 as we advised yesterday Market showing first support at 25000 where as long as market holding above another advance […]

Dow managed early today to sustain advance toward target 24980 as we advised before Intraday showing support at 24880 where as long as market holding […]

As we advised yesterday and as we see over our previous chart Dow managed to re-test 24680-90 support zone again last week where managed to […]