As we check out the FX Majors and Dollar Index we see a turn in the dollar! Following the Non-Farm payrolls and the Canada Jobs report as well as other economic releases, where do we stand currently with the FX Majors? [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]

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Do you prefer to separate fact from fiction when it comes to market news? Do you prefer a free yet very reliable resource that you can lean on when it comes to understanding the fundamentals that shape the markets every day? In this article, we cover some of the best resources that you can rely upon to get the latest market news to help you make...

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Negotiations between Greek officials and the euro zone colleagues in Riga on Friday have not yielded any result. Behind are lagging promises of staying in touch to reach a debt deal, to hold a teleconference today and a call on Wednesday to speed up negotiations. Maybe these are the hopes left for the Euro which is still holding above the suppor...

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Today's market news feature the following events: Oil quotations remain near the local lateral zones (47.10 - 47.75 for WTI and 56.00 – 54.70 for Brent) as discussions aren’t finished yet. It is expected that after the returning of the head of Russian diplomacy on the talks to be announced a temporary agreement on Iran's nuclear operations. I...

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