nfp non-farm payroll june

NFP is approaching, and with it, high volatility is most probably going to occur. Technical Patterns and Fundamentals seem to be lining-up or synchronizing for a rather big move. With the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change and the Preliminary GDP falling short of their projected figures, the USD now seems to become vulnerable. Technically s...

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USD Bearish View - Corrective Patterns and Analysis Update

In this episode of Surfing the Waves, USD Bearish View - Corrective Patterns & Analysis Update, Richard uses technical analysis to point out patterns possibly ending or changing trends, resulting in the probability of a softer USD. He looks back at some of his previous analysis articles like; Is the USD getting stronger? and Market Shift ...

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Which Star Wars Character Would Make The Best Forex Trader

Stars Wars has become of the most well know and well-loved film franchises to ever exist. The depth of the characters, the richness of their relationships and the texture of the plot have made this series into an iconic masterpiece spanning generations. However, it is not just film buffs who can appreciate Star Wars. Although set “a long time...

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Surfing the Waves Technical Analysis Showcase

In this installment of 'Surfing the Waves' Richard is giving us a showcase of his previous performance in light of some upcoming exciting webinars that he will be hosting. Join us to see how Richard used his Elliott Wave analysis to look at the market movement. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]

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