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In this episode, Richard is following up on the previously posted “Bullish Patterns on Gold – EUR Stronger – Investors looking at YEN” article, and continuing the views he share during the “The World Cup NFP! – LIVE” webinar. Richard is also backing his volatility spike theory, previously posted with the “Trade War Sentiment – Volatility Spik...

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Video analysis for the FX Majors and the Dollar Index. Starting with the dollar index PIA-First will be breaking down the time-frames, highlighting what we will be looking at for the week ahead! [shortcode-variables slug="act_tradeideas"]

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As we check out the FX Majors and Dollar Index we see a turn in the dollar! Following the Non-Farm payrolls and the Canada Jobs report as well as other economic releases, where do we stand currently with the FX Majors? [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]

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In the latest Forex Weekly breakdown we'll be looking at the Dollar Index and Major currency pairs! We'll analyse the time-frames to look at what we think will be gong on this FX Week! [shortcode-variables slug="world-cup-nfp-fundamental-into-strategy"] [shortcode-variables slug="act_tradeideas"]

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The headline points out towards the possibility of a weaker dollar and investors returning towards the safe-haven assets. All this of course if the wave counts displayed below are the correct ones. Gold and Silver have dropped significantly during the first half of 2018 and the USD has been indeed quite strong. EUR suffered a lot and Indices ...

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Today we've got another video from our Elliott Wave analyst Richard Tataru! In today's episode of 'Surfing the Waves', Richard follows up on the recently released Q3 Market Outlook! Updating you with his intraday views on currencies, metals, indices and energy! [shortcode-variables slug="download-now-quarterly-report"]   [shortc...

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The U.S. dollar has been enjoying a strong trend since forming a bottom below 90.60 from January through April this year. The breakout above the 90.60 level of resistance pushed the greenback on a solid momentum led rally. As the U.S. dollar index posted a reversal near the 95.05 level last week, this marked a brief retest of the resistance l...

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Today we're looking into the FXMajors and the Dollar index for the week starting on the 25th of June! GBPUSD and EURUSD possibly showing a bottom formation last week while CADUSD and AUDUSD forming a top this week? So, we'll break down the time-frames and see what formations we're seeing! [shortcode-variables slug="act_tradeideas"]

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In our weekly video analysis from PIA-First, Ian Coleman is highlighting formations, support and resistance levels and bias going into this week. [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]  

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In this video, besides the wave counts updates and articles follow-up, Richard is also stepping outside his comfort zone and giving a real-time example on how fundamental events affect the market and how structures become more and more complex over time. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]

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