opec meeting

The upcoming OPEC meeting this week has taken on a great deal of focus given recent developments. Last week Russian and Saudi Arabian leaders met alongside the opening game of the World Cup to discuss plans to increase oil production while maintaining the petro-alliance forged in 2016. The proposals are centred around forming an OPEC+ group that...

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elliot waves

In this video, besides the wave counts updates and articles follow-up, Richard is also stepping outside his comfort zone and giving a real-time example on how fundamental events affect the market and how structures become more and more complex over time. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]

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While most of the world was concentrating on the football last night, with Saudi Arabia and Russia opening the 2018 world cup tournament, the two countries were also meeting for another important reason. Alongside the sports, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, met with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, for talks aimed at boostin...

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The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise the Federal Funds Rate today, from 1.75% towards 2.00% benchmark points. Exactly at 18:00 GMT the FED will issue a statement, which will contain the interest rate outlook, along with its latest economic forecasts. At this stage, the Market already priced in the June Fed rate hike, therefore, ...

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nfp non-farm payroll june

NFP is approaching, and with it, high volatility is most probably going to occur. Technical Patterns and Fundamentals seem to be lining-up or synchronizing for a rather big move. With the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change and the Preliminary GDP falling short of their projected figures, the USD now seems to become vulnerable. Technically s...

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EUR & XAU Bulls Awaiting Their Turn

Surfs up dudes! Hold onto your boards, it's another episode of Surfing the Waves with Richard Tataru! EUR & XAU Bulls Awaiting Their Turn! During this technical analysis video, Richard is following up on his most recent and successful views, which were previously posted in the “USD Bulls Vs Bullfighters – Patterns At Decisive Levels” arti...

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Crucial USD Decision

In the newest episode of Surfing the Waves, Richard Tataru is following up on his previously posted views and the way the Market unfolded its swings, specifically addressing the Crucial USD Decision. Richard then steams ahead, continuing the analysis with a fresh update. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]  

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Patterns at decisive levels

The charts are showing, from a technical analysis standpoint with patterns at decisive levels, that the Dollar Index (DXY) could be heading towards significant levels. USD has been enjoying an impressive bullish rally for an entire month, a swing which was mentioned and explained in the “Is The USD Getting Stronger?” article. Is it time for ...

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Oil prices rise on US withdrawal from Iran

Crude oil prices rallied last week to hit a three and a half year high after the U.S. President Donald Trump announced that Washington was pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday. Speaking at a brief press conference, Trump said that the U.S. administration will also be imposing more strict economic sanctions on the country. It g...

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Wave Counts and Projections 14.05.18

Welcome to our newest episode of Surfing the Waves, with Richard Tatatru! During this video, Richard is updating his Wave Counts and Projections 14.05.18 and sharing some interesting intraday views, following up on the previously posted “Opportunities On Radar – Month Of May Likes Volatility” & “Draghi On The Mic – Which One Will Be In Troub...

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