Dow Jones 2015-03-20

Dow Jones: 18037 Equity on a bigger consolidation pattern - with upward slope On the longer-term as long as market trading higher than 17,000 us dollar for the index ;then it is an buy opportunity to target $20,000.… Read More

Gold 2015-03-20

GOLD 1165 Drop pressure back to affect Gold Market is expected to be trading between 1273 and 1148 levels ; which is a trading range condition. The move for yesterday nigh was so fast and we explained the reasons on the previous… Read More

Oil (F) 2015-03-20

Oil (5K) 45.26 Oil To continue its down trend after breaking its previous trading range Market has corrected to 47s levels yesterday , but has been sold of once it touched the downtrend as shown on the chart ; the more downward… Read More

USDJPY 2015-03-20

USD/JPY: 121.06 Japanese Yen on uptrend wave - Buy in Dip Short-Run Market has tumbled with yesterday Fed and Yellen comments to the levels of 119. Market still facing resistance at 122.50 zone , However , while still market… Read More

GBPUSD 2015-03-20

GBP/USD: 1.4740 Pound would be traded in a bigger range market ( Wide and in Rectangle shape ) As shown on the chart , market has successfully broke the declining channel , but , did not succeed to continue the up breakout and… Read More