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Preparing for the US Election

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With just days to go until the US election, tensions are running high.

Ever since Donald Trump took office in 2016, stocks have repeatedly climbed to fresh all-time highs.

This year, however, the pandemic ravaged the so-called booming economy. But the markets have made a remarkable recovery since.

With elections historically having a significant impact on the markets both pre and post-vote count, how can we expect currency pairs to move in the lead-up to November 3rd?

In this podcast, our research team takes a closer look at the potential outcomes of this monumental US election.

We dive deep into both candidates’ proposed policies for the next four years, including healthcare, foreign policies, employment and more.

We also look at what the polls are saying, how a potential clean sweep from the Democrats could impact the market, and the potential consequences that could arise should President Trump refuse to concede power.

Join Stavros, David, Daniel, and James to prepare for what each potential scenario could mean for your trading portfolio.

Listen to the podcast on mobile or desktop or download it on your device.


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