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USDJPY: 110.057 Could Complete Bullish Impulse

End of Impulse Near 110.057 OR Elongated 5th Near 112 On the Back of Extensive Accumulation?

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The current USDJPY structure hints to a cycle degree bullish impulse (wave V) consisting of primary sub-waves ①-②-③-④ and ⑤. Wave ④ of this pattern is a completed triangle.

Advanced price action theory suggests that the first part of the triangle’s spread (distance from (A) to (B) ) is often equivalent to the last wave following the triangle’s completion (wave ⑤) .

Based on the intermediate wave (B)’s spread the primary impulse ⑤ could see an end a tad above 110 round resistance, forming a false-break.

Despite the likely scenario, a failure to successfully validate such a pattern provides an alternative scenario.

That is considered on the back of primary triangle ④’s longevity. Usually, when bulls accumulate for long periods of time extended impulses can be seen.

In a likely scenario, 110.057 could mark the first part of an elongated ⑤, rather than its conclusion.

Look for a valid breakout above the critical 110.57 for further upside towards 112.

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