The ECB’s Decision: QE & Interest Rates

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Staying on top of macro, micro, and political developments can be challenging… especially amid all the trade war, Brexit and US-EU tariff uncertainty!

So we’ve compiled a timeline to help you make sense of it all!

One of the most important initiatives taken by the European Central Bank during 2018 was ending its Qualitative Easing program. So in the lead up to today’s ECB meeting, let’s dive into how and why the ECB chose to end QE, and why it might need to push the hiking cycle back!

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  1. Irwin says

    The Republicans weгe fսlly inn charge f᧐r Trumps first 2 yeɑrs in office ɑnd the deficits increased Ƅoth ߋf those
    years. The Republicans talk а good game when the Dems аre in charge but have shown themselves to be juѕt as
    bad օr worse at budget balancing.

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