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EURUSD 2016-10-25

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we still holding our previous outlook

EURUSD managed to hit low last week around 1.0860 while market still looking for farther drop to test 1.0820-40 support zone

as we see over our previous chart, amrket still holding trades below first resistance 1.0915 while second resistance laying at 1.0960

as long as market holding below one of those resistance the downtrend pressure will sustain toward 1.0820-40 before some rebound correction may hit market

above 1.0960 more bonus may be expected toward 1.1025-35 zone

below 1.0820 market ay add more drop pressure toward 1.0710-30 zone

  Support Resistence
Level 1 1.0820 1.0915
Level 2 1.0770 1.0960
Level 3 1.0710 1.1025-35
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