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Interview: Albina Zhdanova, Executive Director of Tools4Brokers

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 What’s it like being a woman in Forex trading business: Orbex talks to Albina Zhdanova, Executive Director at Tools4Brokers

  1. How did you start your career in forex industry?

Albina: I was introduced to forex for the first time during my first year of University. My friend took me to finance lecture. At that moment I was studying Public Relations and Marketing and I had very little to do with finance in general. After about half an hour, I told my friend that I’m far from finance and that I won’t ever work in forex.

However, I was suggested to have a go at being an account manager for a firm that develops software for MT4.  That was even more difficult, as it was not only forex, but Forex and IT.

I decided to give it a go in Forex and in six months I became head of marketing, in other six months I was offered the position of Executive Director.

  1. What obstacles did you face when starting out in financial trading and how did you overcome them?

Well, at the beginning it is difficult as not having any background puts you in an uncomfortable position and you need to take in a lot of information. You cannot learn it by heart or write down and look from time to time. You have to understand the logic behind the business and do it quickly. This is not obstacle if you believe in yourself and are not afraid. In an essence, anything is possible if you commit yourself.

This was just first step. My company works in a B2B envoriment and that includes me attending expos. I was 22 years old when I attended the first Forex Expo and as soon as you enter, it becomes intimidating as you’re surrounded by mostly men who have 10 years of experience. In any environment where the percentage of women is low, the stereotyping happens. It becomes necessary to weigh every word if you want men to accept you seriously. You should feel yourself on the same level as them, so that they also feel it.

  1. Why do you think there are very few women in financial trading?

There are still people who have difficulty accepting that women ca drive cars well! Forex was traditionally a man’s industry.

But of course, there are other reasons. In each woman’s life there comes a moment where she feels like she should choose a family or career, but just few realize that it is possible to do both!

  1. In your opinion, what makes women successful in trading?

Intuition and thinking few steps ahead. Women also pay more attention to the education and details. These are all very important aspects in doing an excellent job.

  1. What advice would you give to women who are looking to get into financial trading?

Believe in yourself and improve every day. Investigate, be curious, try.

Just move ahead.

  1. Women are known to be better risk managers, how important was risk management in your success?

Risk management is one of the main tools we develop at Tools For Brokers. You should have plan B every time and set a KPI for your results. If something does not work the way you want, stop doing that, do not waste your time, strength and money.

  1. What is the future for women in finance? Is the number likely to be steady, on the rise or falling?

I think it will rise. Through technology, Forex is becoming more and more available and accessible to anyone in virtually any country. There is a lot of educational programs and finance market becomes more attractive each year, changing, expanding, surprising.

Of course opening courses for women specifically will speed up that process. Anyway it will take several years.

  1. What has changed since you started your career in investment?

I have changed. The way I think, realize my ambitions, how I spend free time. They are now two different persons: me before and me after I entered Forex market.

  1. How did your career influence you and your personal life?

I feel happy. My life has totally changed. Forex teaches very fast thinking and action and that just end result matters. That is not important what was in the middle, even if you failed.

It gives opportunities that you can use. I visited 10 countries last year, some of them several times. I surrounded by smart people. I do what I love.


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