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6 lucky winners will be chosen at the end of each round!
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About the Orbex Gold Rush

In honor of our 11th anniversary as a regulated broker, Orbex has launched this 12-month Gold Rush to reward our entire trading community!

We want to include as many traders as we can, so to keep the promotion fair, no trading strategy performance parameters will be considered when randomly selecting winners.

All you need to do is trade 20 lots by the end-date of each round, and you will receive a Golden Ticket that enters you into the draw!

The more times you hit 20 lots, the more Golden Ticket entries you get!

Good luck!

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Gold Promo

Total Number of Golden Tickets

Ready to strike gold?

Trading involves a high level of risk

Entry Tables

If you’re just joining the Gold Rush now, here’s how the
rest of your peers are doing in this round!

Round 1

29 September – 31 December

1KGPure Gold

Round 2

01 January – 31 March

1KGPure Gold

Round 3

01 April – 30 June

1KGPure Gold

Round 4

01 July – 31 September

1KGPure Gold

Open your live account today and start trading to hit the 20-lot mark and qualify for an entry yourself!

Trading involves a high level of risk
Round 129 Sep 31 Dec
Round 201 Jan31 March
Round 301 April30 June
Round 401 July31 Sep
CountryClient IDGolden Ticket No.
WinnerGolden TicketGold PrizeWorth Over
101398Gold Promo$20,000
200183Gold Promo$11,500
305488Gold Promo$8,500
408769Gold Promo$5,500
512428Gold Promo$5,500
603421Gold Promo$5,500
WinnerGolden TicketGold PrizeWorth Over
136645Gold Promo$21,000
218007Gold Promo$12,000
319758Gold Promo$9,000
417149Gold Promo$6,000
507407Gold Promo$6,000
619757Gold Promo$6,000
WinnerGolden TicketGold PrizeWorth Over
124272Gold Promo$21,000
217788Gold Promo$12,000
302155Gold Promo$9,000
405569Gold Promo$6,000
500214Gold Promo$6,000
603397Gold Promo$6,000

Orbex Gold Rush Live Draws

How to Win 4kg of Gold

Earn your Golden Ticket for the Gold Bar Draw by following these 3 simple steps

  • 1 Sign up Sign up for an Orbex
    Live Account
  • 2 Trade Trade a minimum of 20 lots (leverage up to 1:500 permitted) by round deadline
  • 3 Win Receive your golden ticket via email & await the results of the raffle!