Orbex Launches “Trading Masterclass” Free Live Webinar Series

At Orbex, we are pleased to announce the launch of our “Orbex Trading Masterclass” – a live webinar series with our renowned trading professionals David Kindley and Daniel John Grady. The live trading courses will run from May to June 2023 and will give participants the opportunity to earn a free Certificate in Online trading, provided they’ve completed the entire series. 


The Orbex Masterclass is free to attend and covers the most important trading principles, techniques, and strategies for CFD trading on forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and futures. From learning about how market events impact different markets to watching exclusive trading strategies being applied in real-time and having your questions answered, the Orbex Masterclass offers you a comprehensive free trading course in 7 live webinars.  


Created by our team of market strategists and professional traders, the “Orbex Trading Masterclass” gives you the option to register for free and attend individual webinars or complete the entire series. Topics include: 


  • How to Trade the Financial Markets
  • Leverage Trading & Important Calculations
  • How to Start Trading Gold
  • Trading Technicals & Fundamentals
  • Price Action Trading Strategies 
  • Using Price Patterns in Trading 
  • Trading Behavior & Risk Management 


Head of Training and Market Strategy at Orbex Mohammed Al-Mariri commented on the launch of the “Orbex Trading Masterclass”:  

“At Orbex, we have always invested in our clients’ success and have supported the broader trading community with the tools and education necessary to make informed investment decisions. I am pleased to report that the “Orbex Trading Masterclass” has already proven to be our most popular trading course yet. Complete with interactive quizzes and a Certificate of completion for participants, the “Orbex Trading Masterclass” was designed to teach participants the most effective trading strategies in real-time, provide exclusive trading techniques and insights, and help them take their trading to the next level. 


Follow the link below to register for “Orbex Trading Masterclass” for free.