Orbex Takes Part in “Together we Care” Corporate Blood Donation 2022

Staying true to our commitment to giving back to the local community and in keeping with our tradition of taking part in the annual Corporate Blood Donation drive, the Orbex team has attended this year’s “Together we Care” blood camp organized by Royal Pine for the 3rd consecutive year.  

The 2022 Corporate Blood Donation camp was held on November 2-3 at the Carob Mill Complex, in Limassol, Cyprus. Dozens of Orbex employees showed up to donate blood and assist in the ongoing efforts to tackle the massive shortages currently faced by the Cyprus Ministry of Health Blood Bank. 

A vital part of worldwide healthcare, blood donations are used to conduct life-sustaining and life-saving procedures with a single blood donation being able to save as many as three lives. While many believe that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, the reality is that Covid-19 continues to pose a global health crisis, causing serious disruptions to global health care systems. One of the many adverse consequences of the pandemic has been the depletion of central blood banks. At the same time, demand is at dangerously high levels and in fact amongst the highest ever recorded. Patients hospitalized with Covid-19 tend to have low haemoglobin and are thus in greater need of blood transfusions hence further increasing demand, according to the Cyprus Ministry of Health.  

Recognizing that donating blood to save lives is more important now than ever before, we are particularly pleased with our team’s active participation in this noble cause, and we renew our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.