Orbex Supports Preventive Pediatrics Awareness Month with a Charitable Donation

In line with our long-standing commitment to give back to the local community, we are proud to announce that Orbex has supported the Preventive Pediatrics Awareness Month this November with a sizable donation to the Association of Friends of the Center for Preventive Pediatrics “Amerikos Argyriou”.  

Established in 1988, The Center for Preventive Pediatrics “Americos Argyriou” is a charity organization based in Limassol, Cyprus. For the past 34 years, the Center for Preventive Pediatrics has been offering free neonatal screening programs to all pregnant women and newborns in Cyprus with the aim of preventing mental handicap and hearing loss in neonates.  

Notably, the Center is governed by a board of senior pediatricians and other healthcare professionals who offer their time and services voluntarily. The Center’s annual budget is partly covered by a government grant and through private donations offered by individuals, companies, and organizations in addition to the fund-raising events organized by the Association of the Friends of the Center for Preventive Pediatrics “Americos Argyriou” during the month of November. 

At Orbex, we sought to support the association’s noble efforts to spread awareness on the importance of preventive pediatrics as well as raise funds to help support the Center for Preventive Pediatrics so that they can continue to offer life-changing health care to young mothers and their newborns through neonatal screenings and preventive care. 

Health and social solidarity have a prominent place in Orbex’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, and we consider it a true honor and privilege to be able to support non-profit local and international organizations driving positive social change.