Orbex Launches “The Ultimate Trading Course” Live Series

At Orbex, we are pleased to announce the launch of “The Ultimate Trading Course” live webinar series as part of our ongoing efforts to support the trading community with the best-in-class education on the financial markets. Designed to take participants from beginner to professional traders, the Orbex Ultimate Trading Course is a 9-part webinar series that covers the most important trading principles, techniques, and strategies in real-time.  

The Ultimate Trading Course is offered exclusively by Orbex in English and Arabic and it’s the result of the amalgamation of our Research & Analysis team’s expertise and decades of experience in studying and trading global markets. Hosted by leading Orbex Market Strategist David Kindley, each webinar in the series dives deep into a different trading concept, giving participants the opportunity to learn some of the most effective trading strategies from an industry expert and have their questions answered. Topics include: 

                      • Trading Forex Using the MT4 Platform  
                      • Important Calculations in Forex Trading  
                      • Top Trading Tools for Beginners  
                      • How to Trade Volatility   
                      • Trading Harmonics & Candlesticks  
                      • Using Orbex Trading Tools  
                      • Money Management & Trading Psychology  
                      • Surfing the Elliott Waves  
                      • Trading Stocks Online  

Orbex Market Strategist David Kindley commented on the launch of the Orbex Ultimate Trading Course series: “Educating our clients on the financial markets and how to trade in them is one of our main priorities here at Orbex. We believe that anyone interested in online trading should have access to the education necessary to make informed decisions, which is why we make a point of offering our clients free access to the highest possible level of trading insights and research. The launch of “The Ultimate Trading Course” adds to these efforts and we are confident that this live educational webinar series can be a game-changer for our clients’ trading performance.” 

Follow the link below to register for “The Ultimate Trading Course” for free.