Orbex Announces Q1 Market Outlook Webinar

Educating our clients on the financial markets and how to trade in them is one of our main priorities here at Orbex. The launch of our 2023 Q1 Market Outlook Webinar adds to our efforts to support our clients with expert insights into the markets that can help them make better-informed trading decisions.

Hosted by leading Market Strategist David Kindley and expert Market Researcher Daniel John Grady, our 2023 Q1 webinar “Global Recession Threatens Central Bank Recovery” will take place on January 16th, 2023, at 6 PM GMT. The webinar is free to attend and will explore the most probable market scenarios and their potential impact on forex, metal, cryptocurrency, stock and energy markets. Discussion topics will include:

> Recession, recovery or reset: What can we expect from the global markets in 2023?

> Can oil and the energy markets reach new all-time highs?

> Will inflation rates peak in 2023? What will this mean for the dollar, gold, and forex majors?

> Ukraine: How will the conflict end and how will it impact energy and oil prices?

> Will tech stocks hit record lows or deliver double-digit returns?

The Orbex Research and Analysis Team will dive deep into all these questions and more during our live 2023 Q1 webinar. This is a unique opportunity to hear what our industry experts think will drive the markets in the upcoming months and inform your trading and investment decisions.

Follow the link below to register for our 2023 Q1 Market Outlook Webinar today >