Orbex Donates to Tree Aid to Help Expand Africa’s Great Green Wall

To celebrate International Earth Day 2023 and in line with our mission to support the communities in which we operate, we are pleased to announce Orbex’s latest donation to Tree Aid. 

Tree Aid is an international development non-governmental organization which focuses on working with people in the Sahel region in Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of climate change by growing trees, improving people’s incomes, and restoring and protecting land. Specifically, Orbex’s latest donation will go towards supporting people in the drylands of Africa to grow the Great Green Wall – an ambitious movement aiming to transform lives across Africa by growing over 8,000 km of trees, spanning from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east. 

Tree Aid’s approach is to work with locals and smallholder farmers, supporting them with the tools and training they need to grow trees, produce food, and start sustainable businesses that can provide stable incomes, as well as protect and restore the natural environment. To date, Tree Aid has worked with over 35,000 enterprises to restore over 137,000 hectares of land and support over 1.3 million people across Africa.  

At Orbex, we are incredibly proud to be able support the life-changing work of Tree Aid this Earth Day and remain committed to our corporate social responsibility goals for 2023 and beyond.  


About Tree Aid 

Tree Aid is a charity working with communities in the drylands of Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis. Established as a charity in 1987 by foresters in response to famine in Ethiopia, Tree Aid aims to build thriving, sustainable communities across the drylands of Africa by providing food and income for the local communities.