August 2022 Expiration Dates

We’d like to inform our clients of the upcoming changes to our normal expiration dates and times during the month of August.   

Below you will find a table with all the relevant trading times information. Changes from regular trading hours and daily settlement window times are shown in bold (all times are in server local time, GMT+3).

Products Expected Last Trading Day New Contract First Trading Day 
NGU225-August-21:30 NGV223-August-01:02 
UKOILV230-August-21:30 UKOILX226-August-01:02 
USOILU218-August-21:30 USOILV216-August-01:02 

 All times and dates mentioned above are in Server Local Time. 

Please be advised that due to low liquidity at market opening times and market holidays, the spreads for all or some pairs affected by the holiday could be widened. Times and dates will remain subject to change without prior notice.

 If you require any additional information or assistance, please contact our support team directly or reach out to your dedicated Orbex account manager. 


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