Orbex Analysts Nominated for 8 Trading Influencers Awards

We are delighted to announce that four of Orbex’s world-renowned Market Analysts have been nominated to receive 8 Trading Influencer Awards by trading.live – a prestigious recognition of their expertise and influence in the trading community.

The Trading Influencer Awards are an annual event that celebrates the best and brightest minds in the trading industry, who share their insights, analysis, and strategies with millions of traders around the world. The awards are exclusively voted for by the public, so we would like to invite our clients and followers to support our analysts with their vote.

To vote for your favorite Orbex Analysts, simply register with your name and email and once you are logged in, click on each nominee by following the links below to vote for them in their nominated categories

Head of Training and Market Strategy at Orbex, Mohammed Al-Mariri
Nominated for “Best Forex Strategies Analyst” and “Distinguished Educator”

Market Strategist at Orbex, David Kindley
Nominated for “Best Forex Strategies Analyst” and “Best Market Analyst”

Chief Market Strategist at Orbex, Assem Mansour
Nominated for “Distinguished Educator” and “Best Market Analyst”

Investment Research Analyst at Orbex, Huthayfa Abbas
Nominated for “Distinguished Educator” and “Best Market Analyst”


Over the years, our analysts have been providing all Orbex traders with free trading education, market commentary, and live webinars, helping them achieve their trading goals and improve their skills. They have also been featured in various media outlets and publications, such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, and Forbes, as well as in leading industry events and conferences. These latest nominations by Trading Influencer Awards reflect their commitment to providing Orbex clients with the best possible trading education and Market Research.

Please note that you can cast all your available votes on different nominees or on a single nominee. By sharing the event on social media as a logged-in user, you will receive 5 extra votes per day. Your votes will be renewed daily, and you can vote every day and until the voting period ends on August 4th, 2023.