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Three Drives Pattern

What is Harmonic Trading? In the field of technical analysis, harmonic trading represents an advanced area which, while more difficult than regular technical elements, can […]

Feb 06 2018

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How much do you really know about Harmonic trading? With a huge variety of Harmonic patterns, it’s easy to get lost in terms and definitions. […]

Aug 08 2017

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Are you in harmony with the markets? You’re an old hand when it comes to spotting familiar chart patterns like the Flag, Pennant or Head […]

Apr 03 2017

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Harmonic trading

This article follows on from last week’s Harmonic Pattern Trading part 1. 1-2-1 Pattern The idea of symmetry and moves of equal length is at […]

Sep 30 2016

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Harmonic patterns

Harmonic Pattern Trading Harmonic pattern trading represents an advanced form of technical analysis which looks to combine Fibonacci Analysis with pattern recognition and structural reading.  […]

Sep 26 2016

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