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Stay up to date with the latest industry updates and follow along as our Elliott Wave analyst takes you through the technical aspect of the Forex market. Covering FX majors, commodities, indices, metals and energy, each episode of Market Insights will serve as the daily dose of information you need to keep your strategy optimized and at the top of its game.

And Now Brexıt!

The US and China signed a partial deal yesterday, putting a temporary stop to global uncertainty! Are emerging markets affected by the fresh rhetoric, or should we just focus on #monetarypolicy? Markets are now looking at the EU and UK. Will the House of Lords prevent a January exit? Watch our analyses on #pound and SA #rand! Timestamp #EURGBP 8H…
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US-Iran Tensions Soften

Iran will most likely retaliate and perhaps the first move will involve the disruption of oil shipments through the State of Hormuz. But, what will China say to that, given nearly 50% of its imported oil comes from the Gulf region?… Read More

US Attack Kills Iranian Militia!

A US air strike at the Bagdad airport under the President’s orders killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani’s. US-Iran relations are taking a sour turn early in the year following an “extremely dangerous” attack that could set off a regional… Read More

Majors Remain Bid!

The FX majors stretched into 2020 firm, spelling a strong term against a weaker dollar! Will this continue being the case though when uncertainty around trade war and Brexit remain elevated? Take a peek at our elliott wave analysis for some… Read More

Fed’s Liquidity Injection

Market participants seem to have taken Fed’s liquidity injections as QE, dragging dollar down. Despite increasing the balance sheet, the Fed’s move should be reassuring investors that funding pressures, at least in the short-term, are… Read More


China announced they will be lowering tariffs on a number of items come January 1st, making markets looking more festive ahead of Christmas! Aussie and Kiwi took the headlines with a positive tone, however, Cable kept entering lower… Read More

Markets Hang on Yields!

Equities keep climbing higher on the back of renewed trade and Brexit optimism and also on the back of monetary policy decisions! Will the surge continue into 2020? And if yes, when can we expect the massive sell-off everyone’s been talking… Read More