Trading Strategies

George Soros

There have been many great traders and strategists in the history of forex trading, who have compelled the world to sit down and watch in […]

Feb 19 2018

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Forex Demo Account

A forex demo account offers huge advantages for beginners in the forex sector. These accounts have most of the functionalities of a real account, and […]

Feb 07 2018

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Three Drives Pattern

What is Harmonic Trading? In the field of technical analysis, harmonic trading represents an advanced area which, while more difficult than regular technical elements, can […]

Feb 06 2018

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support and resistance

Support and resistance trading is one of the most basic forms of technical analysis, yet it can also be one of the most effective when […]

Jan 30 2018

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Hottest Forex Pairs of 2018

The Forex market has the largest volume of the world’s business, with people all over the world participating every day. Being open at all times […]

Jan 17 2018

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Psychological Challenges of Trading

Trading can be an extremely challenging endeavour. While many traders believe that the key to success simply lies in finding a profitable system and applying […]

Jan 16 2018

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Weekly high and Low Breakout Strategy

The weekly high and low break out strategy is one of the simplest and easy to understand. When combined with other elements, such as price […]

Jan 11 2018

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Range bar strategy

Price action trading can be one of the simplest ways to trade the markets. Although indicators tend to offer some perspective, experienced traders will no […]

Nov 15 2017

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rate of change

In the previous article, we covered the basics of the Rate of Change (ROC) indicator. We know that the Price ROC is merely an oscillator […]

Sep 08 2017

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Trendline_trading strategy_1306

Day trading is a game of probabilities. A trade setup that has a higher probability is no doubt preferred. There are immense benefits to objectively […]

Jun 13 2017

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