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Dow Jones – 11.07.2024

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The Dow fell after US labour market data moved prices to a 39155 low before rebounding above the support 39200.
The market is showing the first support around 39150-200 where as long as prices hold above it then the advance could sustain toward the target 39750 and above.
Price action now faces a second resistance around 40095 where as long as the market keeps holding trades below it, a correction could happen at any time.
Above 40095 more advance toward 40500 could hit the market.
Below 39150 will be the first weak sign with the second support at the 38700-900 zone which could push again for another advance wave.
Below 38700 a new downtrend wave could start toward the 37700 zone.

LEVEL1 39150-200 39750
LEVEL2 38700-900 40095
LEVEL3 38000 40500

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