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Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party UK Traders Waiting Once Again Nearly a year on from the UK’s Brexit referendum, markets are once again bracing ahead of a key UK vote. On Thursday, the British Public will take to the polls to elect its Prime Minister, and the decision could have dramatic consequences for the British Pound. Below we ...

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How to trade UK Elections

The big focus for the markets this week is the UK election. James Harte explains why this election is so important and gives you valuable tips on how you can trade the UK Election.

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Theresa May, British Prime Minister Political Events Driving FX Markets Over the last 12 months, markets have been increasingly driven by political events. Just under 12 months on from the Brexit referendum which rocked markets last year, we have seen several key events such as the US Presidential elections and more recently the Austrian, Du...

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This data references the period ending Tuesday, March 28th.  EURUSD Non-Commercials reduced their net short positions in the EUR last week buying a fucker 12k contracts to take the total position to -8k. This latest adjustment means EUR short positions are now at their lightest levels in four years.  Traders have been steadily unwinding lo...

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After months of speculative media reports and back and forth in UK parliament, the UK government has today finally triggered Article 50 and commenced the official exit process of the UK from the EU. While the government’s triggering of article 50 has been widely signalled for months now, the element causing uncertainty among investors is the ton...

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With Non-Commercial Sterling short positions hitting record levels but GBP still rising, it is worth taking some time to consider the underlying dynamics that are fuelling this disconnect between positioning and price action, starting first of all with central bank policy. BOE Take Hawkish Turn At their recent meeting, the BOE took a hawkish...

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