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Trading involves a high level of risk

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Trading stocks on MT4 is a great way to take part in the global stock markets, without owning the actual shares! Speculating on the price of a stock and being able to take short and long positions means that you can capitalize on both rising and falling markets. It also means the trading opportunities are plentiful!

Driven by fundamentals, stocks are ideal for traders who revel in keeping up with the news in order to identify trading possibilities.

To diversify your portfolio & perfect your fundamental trading skills, join millions of your peers right now and trade over 200 stocks online with Orbex!

Trading involves a high level of risk
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0 CommissionsTake positions without paying any fees or commissions and benefit from low-cost trading.
Award-Winning ResearchStay ahead of major market movements with free top-tier market analysis from the experienced Orbex Research Team.
Advanced Platforms Experience technologically advanced trading on the industry-favorite MetaTrader 4 platform.
Fast ExecutionExecute your trading orders in under 0.03s/order.
Enhanced SecurityTrade with a regulated broker offering negative balance protection, free VPS & segregated client funds.
Instant Deposits & WithdrawalsMove your money freely using the secure Orbex Wallet & receive prompt withdrawals as well as instant deposits.
Start TradingTrading involves a high level of risk

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During the pandemic, while stocks like Netflix and Zoom soared, airline and movie theatre stocks plummeted – and online stock traders made money off of both!
Trading involves a high level of risk

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Trading involves a high level of risk
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