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Elliott Waves
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The Exclusive Orbex MT4 Elliott Waves Indicator

Using the Elliott Waves indicator when trading the financial markets will help you to identify strong signals such as: trend reversal, trend continuation, and consolidation.
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What are the basics of Elliott Waves?

The basic concept of the Elliott Waves theory is based on the review of the orderly evolution of prices in the form of waves.

How many full cycle waves are there in Elliott Waves?

The full cycle consists of 8 waves, starting with a 5-wave advance and 3-wave retracement.

Can the indicator plot Elliott Waves automatically?

The indicator helps the trader to draw waves, number them and choose their type on all time frames on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Does the indicator work with any other indicators on the platform?

One of the most important features of the indicator is the ability to integrate it with the Fibonacci indicator and other indicators as well as on the MT4 platform.

Is the Elliott Wave Theory a technical analysis tool?

Applying Elliott Waves is a form of technical analysis. However, the correct application of the theory is the only way to verify the correctness of your wave number.