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SKRILL / Moneybookers

Important Terms and Conditions

  • Kindly note that by funding your account and/or by submitting a withdrawal request you agree on all the terms and conditions including those in relation to deposits and withdrawals.
  • The following are an integral part of the terms and conditions:
  • The Client agrees that the Company may charge the Client transfer fees and/or any other charges in any case where a withdrawal request is made by the Client without any significant trading activity taking place between that withdrawal request and the last deposit of the Client.
  • The Client agrees that the Company may, at its own discretion and at any time and/or when in its sole opinion an abuse of the 0.00% transfer fees benefit has occurred, request and/or deduct any and/or all the transfer fee amounts from the client’ s account(s) and/or close the client’s account(s) and/or take any other action may consider necessary, as a compensation for the said abuse.
  • The Client acknowledges and confirms that the Company may, at its own discretion and at any time and/or for whatsoever reason and/or without any prior notification to the client and/or without the prior consent of the client, to increase the amount of 0.00% transfer fees which is demonstrated at the Company’s Website-Trading Accounts-Account Funding page to any other amount the Company believes necessary.