Orbex Opens HQ Doors to Local High-School

Orbex Opens HQ Doors to Local High-School

The Orbex brand is renowned for its focus on learning and education as a central part of entering the Forex world.

Therefore, as part of our mission to educate and inform, we believe that it is our duty to introduce the local youth to the opportunities available to them, both within the FX market itself, as well as within the booming financial services industry, where Cyprus has established itself as a hub for over a decade.

Having began operation in 2010 in Limassol, Orbex decided to open its HQ doors on February 13th, 2020 to the American Academy, a well-known local private school with branches across the country.

The aim of the day was to inspire and guide the up-and-coming generation which is on its way to choosing a path for their higher education and career.

The bright-eyed teens, accompanied by their teachers, received an introductory course to all things forex. This included learning about exchange rates, how supply and demand works, how the news can impact the market, and what roles you can aspire to obtain within a financial investment firm.

As a leading broker in our field pioneering an educational movement, the event was the least we could do for the community which has given us a home.

And, after a successful day of presentations and interaction with some of the most driven and ambitious teens on the island, there is no doubt in our mind about the bright future that awaits our industry in the coming years.