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works? Check out our FAQs below.

What are the dates of the promotion? The Gold Rush promotion is running from September 29, 2021 through to September 30, 2022. The promotion is split into 4 rounds. You can find the dates of each round here.

How much time do I have to hit the 20-lot trading volume required? You have until the end date of the current round to reach the 20-lot trading volume. Any traders who reach the target past the deadline will not be entered into the draw of the current round.

If I miss the deadline for the current round, will the lots I trade count towards the next round? No. To keep the promotion fair for everyone joining the Rush at different times, all counts will reset to 0 at the beginning of each new round.

Am I automatically enrolled in the Promotion at the beginning of each round? No. To activate your participation in the new round of the Gold Rush, you must deposit a minimum of $500 into any of the trading accounts associated with your email address and begin trading again.

How many winners will there be? There will be 6 prizes to be won by 6 different traders each round. The prizes will be split as follows: 1x350g, 1x200g, 1x150g and 3x100g (or the relevant amount in USD per prize based on the international price of Gold on the day the winners are announced)

How will the winners be chosen? The winners will be chosen completely at random using a third-party raffle software and announced live via our social media channels, as well as via email to the selected winners.

When will the winners be announced? The winners will be announced no later than the third day of each new round. You can find the dates of each round here.

Can I reach 20 lots while using leverage? Yes, leveraged lots do count towards the goal and the maximum leverage permitted is 1:500.

Do positive trading results improve my chance of winning? No, they do not. Our aim is to give our entire trading community an equal chance of winning the gold prizes, and not to favor professional traders.

What if I have several Orbex trading accounts under my name? All of your trading activity will count towards the 20-lot target, regardless of whether it is split across several trading accounts.

How can I be sure that I have entered the draw? As soon as your account reaches the 20-lot target, our technological system will automatically email you with your unique Golden Ticket ID which counts as 1 entry to the draw.

Will they announce my name if I win? To find out if you have won, watch out for the unique Golden Ticket ID numbers which will be used to identify the winning accounts. Please make sure you keep your entry ID handy so that you can claim your award. Once claimed, winners will receive the prizes only on the condition that Orbex can announce your name/share your win via social media.

Can I qualify for the Orbex Gold Rush if I am signed up for other Orbex promos? No – to qualify for the draw you must not be signed up for any other active Orbex promotions.

Can I win prizes in several rounds? No – to keep it fair, if you have already won the draw in one of the rounds, you can no longer enter the draw regardless of how many lots you continue to trade.

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How to Win 4kg of Gold

Earn your Golden Ticket for the Gold Bar Draw by following these 3 simple steps

  • 1 Sign up Sign up for an Orbex
    Live Account
  • 2 Trade Trade a minimum of 20 lots (leverage up to 1:500 permitted) by round deadline
  • 3 Win Receive your golden ticket via email & await the results of the raffle!