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Crude Oil

After last week’s failure to break higher in Brent and WTI, which showed a clear bearish signal on the weekly chart, both crudes declined sharply […]

Crude Oil_WTI_0106

Once again Crude Oil Prices showed further signs of weakness, despite all of the measures that have been taken by the Oil producers, whether OPEC […]

Crude Oil

For the past four weeks including this week’s trading so far, Crude Oil has been trading within a range of $5, whether in Brent or […]

Crude oil_OPEC_2206

Crude Oil prices continued to decline further despite the fact that OPEC and Non-OPEC members have been active in the media, trying to increase the […]


It’s been almost a month since the OPEC members met and decided to extend December’s deal for another 9 months until March of next year. […]

Qatar_Crude Oil_0606

During the early morning hours of Monday, the first trading day of the week, the Middle East woke up to a bunch of breaking news, […]

Crude Oil

If you were following and reading our previous article, you should not be surprised about why Crude Oil prices lost more than 2% last week. […]

Crude Oil_OPEC_1105

If you have been reading our reports throughout the past four weeks, especially the ones about Crude Oil, you should not be surprised about the […]

Crude Oil_OPEC_0405

After few weeks of gains due to the shortage in the US Crude Oil inventories, in addition to some OPEC meeting remarks, Crude Oil failed […]

Oil_ Gas station

We are back to square one. The same scenario and pattern are repeating over and over. Crude Oil prices are going nowhere anytime soon. As […]