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Federal Reserve

US GDP was higher than expected in Q3, printing 3% against expectations of 2.7%, remaining broadly unchanged over the year so far at 3% in […]

Nov 08 2017

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US Dollar Bill

After five months of consecutive declines, reaching the lowest level since April of last year around 92.50’s, the US Dollar has been trading within a […]

Aug 24 2017

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USD Index_3005

After the US Jobs Report outcomes, which came in much better than expected, estimates were rising that the Federal Reserve will still be able to […]

Aug 14 2017

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The US Jobs Report came in with a positive surprise across the board, most of the numbers came in higher than expected, despite the fact […]

Aug 06 2017

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The US Dollar Index tumbled last week, closing below 94.0 for the first time since August of the last year, which deepened the current bearish […]

Jul 24 2017

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In the next few hours, eyes will turn toward the Federal Reserve once again, as we are expecting the FOMC Meeting Minutes. The US market […]

Jul 05 2017

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FOMC meeting_Fed

FOMC Meeting Minutes – What you should know The US Federal Reserve released the meeting minutes from the May 2nd – 3rd monetary policy meeting […]

May 25 2017

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BOC_Canada's inflation_2403

Despite the recent developments in Europe, especially in the UK, Manchester attack, and raising the level of security in the UK, markets have been trading […]

May 24 2017

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Jobs Reports

In the next few hours, all eyes across the board are headed toward the US once again, as we all wait for the US Jobs […]

May 05 2017

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USD Index_DYX_2504

The US Dollar Index is still trading within our plan outlined over the past few weeks. Last week, the US Dollar Index retraced all the […]

Apr 25 2017

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