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Weekly high and Low Breakout Strategy

The weekly high and low break out strategy is one of the simplest and easy to understand. When combined with other elements, such as price […]

Jan 11 2018

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Range bar strategy

Price action trading can be one of the simplest ways to trade the markets. Although indicators tend to offer some perspective, experienced traders will no […]

Nov 15 2017

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The Ichimoku trading indicator is well known for its capability of offering a complete trading system. This has been well documented, and trend following traders […]

Oct 18 2017

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old american car in a annual exhibition on July 27, 2013 in Saco ME

Buying a second-hand car is an exciting occasion but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes it is the dealer’s fault,, and other times it […]

Sep 01 2017

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Trendline_trading strategy_1306

Day trading is a game of probabilities. A trade setup that has a higher probability is no doubt preferred. There are immense benefits to objectively […]

Jun 13 2017

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Donchian channel strategy_3005

In last week’s article, we covered the basics of using the Donchian channel and a rather simple strategy in determining and trading breakouts with the […]

May 30 2017

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Identify trend_forex_2704

In the previous article, we looked at how traders can ignore the moving average and instead focus on just the Average Directional Index (ADX) and […]

Apr 27 2017

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Identify trend_2604-1

Technical indicators are often used by traders for a number of reasons, but primarily to detect the changes in the markets. Technical indicators are relied […]

Apr 26 2017

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Tradining mistakes_2_2203

In the previous article, we covered the two main reasons why traders often end up losing money. The first being the chase to catch tops […]

Mar 22 2017

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Scalping tutorial_1703

Scalping is an area of Forex trading that always appeals to new traders because of the potential to make big profits, quickly. However, with the […]

Mar 17 2017

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