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support and resistance_2004

Support and resistance levels or supply and demand levels are the backbones of technical trading. Regardless of the type of technical analysis methods used, be […]

Trading Space_forex break_0303

Setting Up Your Space One of the most important aspects of your preparation for success as a trader is building the right atmosphere for your […]

forex trading mistakes

Forex market is considered to be the largest financial markets in the world. The trade volume in this market is colossal. Though it is very […]

market shakedown

If you are passionate about forex, and closely follow the markets on a day to day basis, the chances are that you might have come […]

Imparare a fare trading con le divergenze e il Vortex indicator Hai difficolta’ nel determinare la tendenza di un prodotto? Il nuovo webinar di Orbex […]


Simplicity is best in just about anything, but as humans making things complex is what we do best. Forex trading is no different either. What […]

Forex terms

Very often, traders and professional Forex investors simplify currency pair names by referring to them using nicknames. The most used jargon in FX is about […]

Hell’s Kitchen, one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s many reality TV shows is quite an entertaining show to watch. Chefs face off to win a grand […]

Ashraf Laidi

استمراراً لجهودنا في تقديم كل ما هو مميّز لعملائنا الكرام في العالم العربي وإيماناً منّا بضرورة نشر المعرفة بكل مفيد وجديد في عالم التداول، يسر […]

Orbex has always been known as one of the most innovative brokers, and this January once again we suggested an unusual approach to studying. Instead […]