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The Modern Way Let’s face it, working in an office isn’t exactly the most conducive environment to helping you achieve the Hollywood physique that many […]

Feb 17 2017

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WodWArs CRossFit

Ambitious? Persistent? Hard-working? Are we talking about a CrossFitter or trader? These two spheres, which seem to have nothing in common, combine the fundamental traits […]

Dec 07 2016

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Elia Navarro TradeFit

The life of an athlete with an endless cycle of championships, workouts, strict diets and unfortunate traumas, just before crucial starts, is rarely exposed. The […]

Aug 12 2016

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Street Life Festival

Our long-term athletic partner, CrossFit Limassol, doesn’t stop participating in exciting and motivating events!The fittest community in Cyprus, sponsored by Orbex,  has taken part in […]

May 09 2016

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 High goals, complete devotion, and extreme physical demands – yes, we are talking about Eleiko Weightlifting Training that took part at the beginning of April […]

May 05 2016

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“Too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of bed? There was a reason you set that alarm in the first place. So […]

Mar 11 2016

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Elia Navarro at 'WODWARS'

First of all, we would like to thank you for finding the time for this interview. Elia, how did Cyprus and the local CrossFit greet […]

Feb 16 2016

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TradeFit WODWARS Champion

Orbex is talking to the Orbex Athlete and ‘WODWARS’ Fitness Competition winner, KLAUS UGGERHØJ. He spent in Cyprus only 36 hours, and during this time […]

Jan 25 2016

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#TradeFit competition

Early Sunday morning on the 13th of December, the entire Orbex team was already peppy and excited on the stadium to watch the ‘WODWARS’ Europe […]

Jan 05 2016

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#TradeFit champions

‘WODWARS’ CrossFit Competition Today we are celebrating our  #TradeFit Champions in the ‘WODWARS’ Crossfit Competition. Being one of the major sponsors of such a huge […]

Dec 16 2015

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