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Theresa May_Brexit_Negotiations_1906

The pound starts the week on a sour note amid fresh political turmoil weighing on PM Theresa May, but GBP traders will vie with a […]

UK_Supreme Court_Brexit

UK PM Theresa May will do her best to end the Brexit stalemate with the EU in dinner with EU Commissioner Jean Claude Juncker. It […]

On the weekend, the German elections concluded with the incumbent, Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU party winning the elections albeit losing some votes to the fringe parties. […]

Parliament Approve Bill in First Vote The UK government this week moved one step closer to pursuing its mandate to withdraw the UK from the […]

Pound Dollar

Why is sterling suddenly hitting 4-week highs against the US dollar, dragging euro to 3-week lows and even pushing up against the yen? Emerging opposition […]

Euro and sterling

The common currency is probably heading into posting a second yearly gain against the British pound. Having rallied close to 2009 highs, the euro is […]

Theresa May_Brexit_UK_3105

Back To School & Brexit As financial markets start to grind back into action after the quieter summer period, one of the main stories dominating […]

Theresa May_Sterling_Brexit

Despite seeing a heavy sell-off in response to the news last week that the Conservative party had failed to gain a majority in the snap […]

Pound Sterling_Uk Election_0906

Another Political Surprise Markets were once again caught out by a key political event as the UK elections have resulted in a hung parliament with […]

UK Elections_Corbyn_0706

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party UK Traders Waiting Once Again Nearly a year on from the UK’s Brexit referendum, markets are once again […]