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USD Index_3005

After the US Jobs Report outcomes, which came in much better than expected, estimates were rising that the Federal Reserve will still be able to […]

US Dollar Bill

Another week has passed, and the US Dollar continues to lose ground, despite the fact that there were some positive economic releases at the end […]

Crude oil_OPEC_2206

Crude Oil prices continued to decline further despite the fact that OPEC and Non-OPEC members have been active in the media, trying to increase the […]


Last week, metals continued to rise further, Gold managed to post a new high of the year, while Silver underperformed Gold and remained far from […]

USD Index_3005

The US Dollar Index got a notable push since the middle of last week on the back of some positive economic releases. However, the biggest […]

USD Index_DYX_2504

The US Dollar Index is still trading within our plan outlined over the past few weeks. Last week, the US Dollar Index retraced all the […]

Silver_technical analysis_1804الفضة

Gold and Silver keep pushing higher since the beginning of the year, adding more than 10% of gains so far, outperforming some indices and other […]

Crude Oil

Brent and WTI Crude oil have recovered most of their recent losses, turning positive on the year once again. The main reason behind the recovery […]

Gold technical analysis

In the wake of the US Jobs Report on Friday, safe haven assets showed a notable spike right after the NFP announcement. Both Gold and […]

US Dollar Bill

For the past four weeks, we have been stressing and following the US Dollar Index technical chart very closely, as we believed that a bearish […]