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After two weeks of a choppy trading in most of the global equities, due to the global geopolitical tensions, some of these indices tried to […]

Since the beginning of the week, North Korea and the US are threatening each other, every other hour, and as always, the global markets and […]

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In the past few hours, global equities saw tough sessions, whether in Europe, Asia, or the US. Most of the indices saw a decline of […]


Despite the fact that global equities have been declining a little bit since the announcement of Barclays scandal with Qatar, global equities are still near […]


It was definitely the most interesting day in the market since the US President Donald J. Trump was elected. Volatility increased significantly, fears index soared, […]


Since the Q4 of last year until today, we haven’t seen a reasonable retracement in global equities, especially in the US equities. For the past […]

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If you have read our previous report on equities, you would notice that most of the indices that we mentioned did move according to our […]


Nikkei 225 At The Lowest Level Since December   Since the beginning of the year, Nikkei 225 Index has been trading within a sideway trend […]

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Yesterday’s FOMC Meeting Minutes gave the market another hint about the Federal Reserve possible policy change later this year. The Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes showed […]

The US Dollar and the US equities are still on fire, adding more gains by the days and such moves seem to continue for an […]