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Catalonia flag

Following the Catalonian independence referendum earlier in the month which saw 90% of voters voting in favour of independence, the leader of the Catalan government […]

Catalonia independence day

Catalonia On Brink of Independence? Charles Puigdemont, the leader of the Catalan government, is meeting with his parliament today to establish how best to press […]

Day of referendum in Catalonia. People protesting in the streets while national police is patrolling. 1st of october 2017, Barcelona

Euro Drops on Independence Vote EURUSD traded lower over the European morning on Monday in response to the outcome of the Catalan independence referendum held […]

Political Risks Remain Elevated The last 12 months have been a constant source of political event-risk with Brexit, the US elections, and European elections all […]

manufacturing PMI

USD Index Review Yesterday, despite the fact that the US economic releases came in with mixed outcomes, but mostly negative, the US Dollar was gaining momentum, […]

UK Manufacturing

After a series of economic releases across the board for the manufacturing sector yesterday, from the Euro Zone, UK and the US, another day comes […]