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A sluggish start to economic growth this year in the midst of an interest rate tightening cycle gets interesting as Friday’s third quarter preliminary GDP […]

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The IMF cut its global growth forecasts for 2016 by 0.1 percent points to 3.10% Germany Producer Prices Index falls less than expected UK unemployment […]


Creditors approve 10.3 billion euros in the bailout package for Greece. German Ifo sentiment points to increasing business optimism, and markets await BoC rate decision. […]

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Surprisingly enough, Greece’s position towards the reform package has changed radically. The Greek government sent a package of reform proposals to its euro zone creditors […]

Call it a default or simply ‘arrears‘ but no matter how the issue is broached, the fact remains that Greece failed to repay the IMF, […]

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Bailout talks between the leftwing government and foreign lenders fail to save the country from a default. Greece closed its banks and imposed capital controls […]

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The weekend, starting from late Friday evening saw some rapid developments on the Greece debt negotiations. With the IMF (and the ECB and EU) unrelenting […]

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Monday’s Eurogroup meeting disappointed on all fronts as the markets geared up to see some kind of resolution to the Greece debt crisis. However, in […]

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The EURUSD appreciated in the last two days, even if the Greek situation went through critical moments. The Eurogroup leaders met on Thursday but didn’t […]

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Is the EURUSD tendency rising? Probably, if we look at the daily chart, but even there the situation is not good. The technical evolution slopes […]