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Euro coin on Italian flag

Let’s start with the Euro today and then, you might want to read about Italy’s possible innovation, which can be the next big thing in […]

Aug 31 2017

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New Zealand_AUDNZD

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand decision will be released in few hours, while the economic activities have weakened further compared with the data that […]

Aug 09 2017

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For the past few weeks, things were calm in the Chinese economy, with only a few economic releases. However, this week, we will be waiting […]

Aug 07 2017

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Euro Dollar_Technical outlook

At the beginning of the year, the Euro kicked off the year lower and posted the lowest level since 2003 around 1.04. Back then, investment […]

Aug 02 2017

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The US Dollar Index tumbled last week, closing below 94.0 for the first time since August of the last year, which deepened the current bearish […]

Jul 24 2017

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Earlier this morning and during the Asian session today, the Bank of Japan left its current policy unchanged as widely expected. Below some key points […]

Jul 21 2017

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A week ago, both metals were sinking, Gold almost tested $1200, while Silver crashed to $14 before recovering quickly above $15 the next day. Today, […]

Jul 19 2017

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Earlier this morning, everyone was waiting for the UK inflation data, which was supposed to come in higher in June. However, the numbers came in […]

Jul 18 2017

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For the past few years, if you were following the business news bulletins anywhere in the world, you should have noticed that many were warning […]

Jul 17 2017

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Bank_rate decision

The US Dollar Index failed to stabilize last week, even after central bankers have sent a clear message to the market that the easy monetary […]

Jul 04 2017

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