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GBPUSD managed to advance early today where managed to hit above 1.3230 zone Intraday facing support level at 1.3175 where as long as market holding […]

GBPUSD managed to hold trades above support 1.3125-35 where market managed to advance toward 1.3200 zone Market now facing resistance at 1.3215-30 where as long […]

GBPUSD managed to sustain advance as we advised before where market still looking toward target 1.3300 Intraday levels showing support at 1.3125-35 where as long […]

GBPUSD went for another fast drop today after CPI data Market still facing old support 1.3030-60 where as long as market holding above another rebound […]

Theresa May_Brexit_Negotiations_1906

The pound starts the week on a sour note amid fresh political turmoil weighing on PM Theresa May, but GBP traders will vie with a […]

GBPUSD went for fast drop movement  as pressure renewed just as Brexit talks enter a crucial phase Market back to face the old support zone 1.3030-60 where […]

GBPUSD still facing hard time to break above resistance 1.3180 while as long as market holding below another drop wave toward 1.3040-60 zone is expected […]

Last week, the Bank of England hiked interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade by 25 basis points. The rate hike was […]

GBPUSD still holding trading zone where market looking toward another test to 13050-70 zone As long as market maintain trades above main support 1.3030 another […]

As we see over the chart Intraday levels showing support at 1.3100-10 zone while resistance at 1.3180, where market may hold trades inside this zone […]