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Chinese gold lion

Gold has been testing the 1300 barrier since the beginning of this year, with no clear break above that resistance so far. And now is […]

Silver bullion bar

Metals lost some ground at the end of last week as the US Jobs Report came in much better than expected, sending the US Dollar […]


The US Dollar tumbled to the lowest level since May 2016, completing five months of consecutive declines, something we haven’t seen since 2011. Despite this […]


A week ago, both metals were sinking, Gold almost tested $1200, while Silver crashed to $14 before recovering quickly above $15 the next day. Today, […]

Gold prices_0612

For the past few days, we can see some interesting signs starting to appear in precious metals. Despite recent declines, which were quite expected, it […]

Gold prices

Once again, if you have been following our previous reports especially about Gold and Silver, you would be able to explain why and how metals […]

Silver bullion bar

Two weeks ago, metals were posting new highs for this year. Gold was about to touch 1300, while Silver spiked all the way to 18.60. […]


As noted in our previous report last week, we warned that Gold and Silver are very close to sparking a correction to the downside, after […]

gold bar

Since the beginning of the week, Gold and Silver has been trending higher gradually and getting closer by the hours to post the highest level […]

FOMC Rate Hike_Gold_0812

Last week, Gold and Silver continued to rise further and broke above key resistance areas easily, unlike what was expected. Estimates last week showed that […]