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The German Federal Election is almost a month away when German citizens will head to the polls on September 24th, which likely to be the […]

Macron_Legislative elections_1306

After the big victory of the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron against the riskiest far right candidate in Europe Marine Le Pen, Europe and France are […]


All eyes will turn today towards the US once again to see a political event everyone has been waiting for. At 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, […]

Gold prices

Once again, if you have been following our previous reports especially about Gold and Silver, you would be able to explain why and how metals […]

inflation expectations

The US Dollar Index managed to rise since the beginning of the week, amid a lack of fundamentals across the board, whether in Asia, Europe, […]

Gold_Precious metals

For the past two weeks, metals have been declining gradually after multiple months of gains, leading both Gold and Silver to rise to new levels, […]

FTSE, Indices

Global equities saw a notable rebound since the beginning of last week, following the first round of the French Election results. Global equities added an […]

Macron_French Election

It’s Monday, the 1st of May of 2017 and the second round of the French election is less than 6 days away, where such election […]


Earlier this morning, there were some economic figures from the UK, which came in with another disappointment, showing a clear sign of slowing down and […]


Since the Q4 of last year until today, we haven’t seen a reasonable retracement in global equities, especially in the US equities. For the past […]