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USD Index_3005

After the US Jobs Report outcomes, which came in much better than expected, estimates were rising that the Federal Reserve will still be able to […]

Poloz_BOC_PMI_Canadian dollar

Image via Bank of Canada In the past few weeks, the Canadian Dollar was one of the top performing currencies against the US Dollar. Despite […]


Consumer Price Index, CPI for short is a measure of the change in the weighted average of prices from a basket of consumer goods and […]


After a week with the lack of fundamentals across the board, this week comes with many economic releases and events, which likely to spark the […]

BOE_UK Data_UK Inflation

After the slow and calm start of the week with no economic releases and lower volume across the board, volatility is set to pick up […]

BOC_Canada's inflation_2403

USD Index at Critical Support As the political drama continues in the US regarding repealing and replacing ObamaCare, the US Dollar remains the victim side […]

China's inflation_0803

The US Dollar Index remains within a tight range since the beginning of the week, trading right below its key resistance area which stands at […]

EU Inflation

During the next few hours and days, many economic figures will be released from Europe, which traders need to watch very carefully, as it is […]

forex weekly forecast_China_economic

A new week with lack of fundamentals from Europe and the US. Yet, the market volatility increased ahead of the President Elect Donald Trump press […]

forex weekly forecast_China_economic

After the shocking decision by the ECB yesterday, which decided to keep the rates stable, but unexpectedly decided to start tapering the QE from April […]