Welcome to the Orbex #TradeFit initiative! This campaign is dedicated to promoting the healthy lifestyle and maintaining proactive attitude. We will gladly acquaint you with our incredible athletes, their success stories, and tell you more about how to stay fit and be a prosperous trader. Read more about the story behind #TradeFit

#TradeFit Stories

Sitting late again and trying to figure out, what direction the trend will move? Orbex has a better idea for you. Forex trading is not only about financial investments, but as well expanding your own knowledge and developing your skills! Read more about Orbex Education
Today we are celebrating our #TradeFit Champions in the ‘WODWARS’ Crossfit Competition. Being one of the major sponsors of such a huge international event was a big honour for Orbex. But even greater pleasure was to see our sponsored athletes standing on the podium!

Meet our champions!

Some of you may already know about Elia. She is a popular Spanish athlete and a social media blogger, who is fascinating audience with her outstanding sports skills and a positive attitude.
Looking at Elia’s achievements, you would never believe that she has started her relations with CrossFit only in 2013. Let’s track Elia’s path and get inspired!
Do you want a great example of combining a financial career with the impressive athletic achievements? Orbex is proud to sponsor a young and promising athlete from Denmark – Klaus Uggerhøj.